abdlmatch-inceleme review

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I want to get ERA to fab it up and use their own supply of connectors

If it wasn’t for electrical issues I wouldn’t have many issues. Setting the timing on my car this morning and noticed the orange wire to the alternator had fried insulation.

I started disconnecting wires and found the orange wire was very loose. How it didn’t get tight or loosened I don’t know. I stripped about 2 to 2-1/2 inches of crispy insulation back and that appears to be as far as it went. All the other wires look fine. I’m suspecting that due to the loose connection I was getting arcing across abdlmatch ne demek the wire connector and alt terminal that generated the heat to melt the insulation. I’ve noticed lately some jittery movement in the amp gage so I suspect that was from it also. All sound reasonable??

I wrapped the wire back up and put a couple layers of heat shrink tubing over it all, cleaned the terminal and bolted it back tight – this time with a tooth washer for good measure.